Our JellyRide Story

At JellyRide, we realized a paradigm shift in the tourism industry. Today’s tourists, adventurers, and wanderlusts yearn for unique and personalized experiences beyond standard packages. And who could provide these exceptional experiences better than independent tour guides and small agencies, with their in-depth local knowledge and passion?

Unfortunately, traditional OTA platforms, with their high commission rates and lack of transparency, hindered these independent service providers from truly shining. They found it challenging to engage directly with customers and deliver the personalized service that sets them apart.

That’s when we decided to act. We developed JellyRide, a platform designed to empower independent tour guides and small agencies. We aimed to provide them with the tools they need to manage online payments, showcase their unique offerings, and engage directly with their customers. In doing so, we’ve created an environment that not only fosters business growth but also cultivates the delivery of unique, tailored travel experiences.

Our journey at JellyRide is all about supporting you on your path to independence and success. We’re here to help you break away from the constraints of OTAs, engage in direct dialogue with your customers from the very first moment, and truly personalize the services you offer.

With JellyRide, you’re not just a tour guide or an agency – you’re a trailblazer in the industry, delivering one-of-a-kind experiences that travelers are increasingly seeking. Your success story is our shared victory. Together, let’s reshape the landscape of tourism.

Independence starts here, with financial control and transparency. Embrace it with JellyRide.