JellyRide is a platform fully tailored to meet the specific needs of independent tour guides and small tour agencies, enabling them to manage online payments, offer personalized experiences, enhance their online presence, and interact directly with customers, including collecting online private feedback and encouraging tips. We are not yet another payment solution or e-commerce platform – We are specifically designed to empower tour providers!

JellyRide enables you to quickly create a custom payment link or QR code that can be distributed through our platform, or your own channels (like WhatsApp or email), to collect payments from buyers. You can also easily create your own web store, or “Travel Experiences Store,” to showcase and sell your tour offers directly to clients. On top of this, each tour guide gets his/her own RFID card to easily collect feedback and reviews from clients and streamline the process of encouraging tips.

While JellyRide offers value for all tour and experience providers, it is particularly beneficial for those who:

  1. Lack an online storefront or payment gateway.
  2. Are keen to offer personalized and direct experiences away from the constraints of larger OTAs.
  3. Are aiming to capture a greater share of the increasing market of customers preferring online transactions.
  4. Want a hassle-free invoicing, taxation, and payment solution tailored to the travel industry.
  5. Are looking for an integrated solution that merges payment, showcasing, and on-field mobile transactions in one platform.
  6. Genuinely want to improve their service and facilitate “rituals” like client feedback or collecting tips.

Our Tour Guide Pro plan is charged yearly at 50€. This plan incurs an additional service fee of 2.5% for online payments. Early-registered users get a promo benefit with a permanent 0% service fee for all online payments.

Additionally, there’s a card transaction processing fee incurred by the payment gateway provider: 1.5% + 0.25€ for European cards and 2.5% + 0.25€ for non-European cards. 

Collecting tips with our JellyReview service is excluded from our service fee (service fee is 0%). Only the transaction fee (1.5% + 0.25€) applies.

Please check our Pricing page for more details and feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected] to check if you are qualified to claim the 0% service fee benefit.

JellyRide allows you to create a custom payment link or QR code that you can share with your customers. They can use this link to make a payment directly to you for their chosen tour or experience. You can also accept payments directly from your Travel Experiences Store.
Additionally, for on-field activities, you can conveniently collect payments via the JellyRide mobile application.

Absolutely. JellyRide provides you Android and iOS mobile clients to create a payment request directly from the app based on the tour or service chosen by the tourist. Share a secure payment link or QR code with the tourist. They can access this link from their mobile device and complete the payment using their preferred method.

In order to activate payment requests creation on mobile clients, you need to connect your mobile and web account by verifying your email address you use to login into web dashboard.

Upon signing up, you’ll choose the type of business you operate (individual or company). You then provide a bank account of your choice for payouts, including options like Revolut. The first payout takes up to 7 days to arrive in your bank account due to additional checks and processing. Any subsequent payout should arrive to your account usually in two business days (max up to seven-day rolling period).

Thanks to our partnership with Stripe, we offer advanced options for refunding and cancellations, ensuring a seamless experience for both providers and customers.

Absolutely. We can assist with manual or automated invoice/receipt creation. If you’re approaching or have exceeded tax registration thresholds, we can help with advanced tax registration options. For detailed guidance, reach out to our support team.

Yes, with your very own Travel Experiences Store, you can showcase your unique tours and experiences and sell them directly to your customers. No OTAs necessary!
Unlike OTAs, JellyRide empowers independent tour guides and small tour agencies to sell their experiences directly to customers. This gives you greater control over your business, allows you to offer personalized experiences, and helps you avoid high OTA commissions.

While many online payment solutions offer basic transaction services, JellyRide is tailored specifically for the travel experiences industry. Beyond just facilitating payments, JellyRide enables independent tour guides and small tour agencies to showcase their unique offerings through a dedicated Travel Experiences Store. It caters to the specific needs of the industry with features like custom checkout/payment links, a mobile app for on-field transactions, and comprehensive support for invoicing and taxation specific to tourism services. In essence, JellyRide isn’t just a payment solution – it’s a complete business platform for those in the tour and experiences sector.

JellyRide platform comes with an interactive itinerary builder. Using a drag & drop interface, you can easily incorporate external media and content to create engaging proposals for trips and experiences. Additionally, JellyRide provides an AI-driven assistant that can generate activity or experience proposals based on the customer’s interests you provide.

Yes, we offer a 14-day free trial period allowing you to experience the platform’s features. No card information needed in front. Sign up today and discover how JellyRide can transform your tour business!

To enable your tour guide account on a mobile app (Android or iOS), you first need to sign up and create your web account on the JellyRide portal.

Once you have registered your web account, download your Android or iOS app, install the application, and upon dialog to verify your email address is brought up, follow the procedure to provide and verify the same email you used for registering into the web portal. After the verification code is provided and confirmed, your mobile account is connected to your web account.

You can update or re-verify your email account from the app Settings section anytime.