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About JellyRide

Meet JellyRide; an innovative tech company bringing Travel & Tourism industry to the next level. Our mission is to help your trips & tours business sky-rocket with improved interactive digital content, new automated communication channels, and all routine work left to us, so that you can focus on what is most important to you and your customers.

How Does JellyRide Work?

If you are a tour guide or agency, wait no more and register your account for the JellyRide web platform. You get access to an advanced management portal with a flexible and easy way to create itineraries, schedule time plans, or manage participants. If you are a wanderlust, join for free existing activities, like tours or sightseeings, or create your routes and share them with others. Explore the digital content at hand & Have fun!

Search & Choose Activities

As a traveler or adventurer, search simply for activities by typing: “cycling” or “wine tours, Croatia”. Find trips, routes, and offers and join to become part of the JellyRide community.

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Invite, Follow, Coordinate, Manage your Group

As a tour guide or lead, invite clients or teammates for a planned trip or activity. Share info and recommendations in real-time with chat, schedule, locations & pins on the map.

Create, Record And Share Trips & Routes

Import existing routes in GPX format or easily create new itineraries with rich media and descriptions. Track your route and relive it later.

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Manage Your Trip In One Place

A single place for all info about your activity, itinerary, and participants. Set trip rules to define trip policies and travel safety controls.

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Trips & Guides, Meet JellyRide!

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